Thursday, October 22, 2009

Portfolio: Under Construction

After choosing the colleges I want to apply to, I learned that the majority of the work I had accumulated could not be used in my portfolios! Here is a bunch of stuff I have been doing in the past month or so.

One of the RISD Bicycle attempts:

Probably the RISD Bike I will submit:

Our school mascot as a native American. (For the Thanksgiving section of the newspaper)
Life drawing is basically all I have been doing. Especially because animation programs want you to know how to draw people and animals.

Practice with Interiors?
Portraits 3-Hour Oil Reduction

I will probably add more to this drawing

Styrofoam letter sculptures. Random assignment?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doodle 4 Google 2009 Entries

For Señor Liv

So, I haven't even touched this site in a long time. Since January, apparently. Here is a monstrous amount of work to make up for that!

These are from a design project earlier this year. We were asked to come up with a design for a water bottle for our band's fundraiser.

Here are some of the sculptures i have done for our Summer assignments. We were given a box of old styrofoam letters, and were told to make stuff with them. I made a bench using the letters 'b, e, n, c, and h', an elephant, and a mouse. I'm debating whether or not I should paint them.

Final Project in Portfolio Art this year. Self portrait?

Here are some designs for a logo commission I have. For some reason i can't upload some of these. and the colors are being reversed. I left one up because it actually looks pretty cool reversed :)

Here are some sketchbook pages and loose drawings I've done this summer.

These are the pieces from our Endangered Species Project. The Red-Shanked Douc Langur:

Doodle 4 Google 2009- I never actually sent these in..